Forming a Balanced Strategy For Customer Services

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No matter what business you belong to, the customer is required to be the foremost priority. It holds so much importance that even the companies, which used to deny this fact, have also started considering customer service in their policy.

Customer service is basically how a company deals with its customers while having a one-to-one interaction. This concept has widened its scope recently, creating a whole new field of “customer experience”: which is the complete expedition of the customer experience with the company.

Establishing a culture that focuses on customer service as a priority is not as easy as it seems. Because it means that all the stakeholders and staff members must be moved to second place. Thereby, an intelligent strategy is required to maintain the balance.

Charrah Hardamon

Charrah Hardamon – Customer Success Strategist, Reflektive

The easy to understand and feasible ways of forming such a strategy are as under:

  • Firstly, customers should not be only recognized orally or in plans. They should be given practical importance. For this, you need to acknowledge every member with the significance a customer hold by explaining they are the sole source of income through which the salaries are produced. To keep all the stakeholders motivated, reward them for providing best possible customer services because customers are the true asset of any business.
  • Secondly, a delay in providing service to a customer is equally damaging as not providing the service at all. So, adopt quick and rapid methods for dealing with the customers’ needs, complaints and queries.
  • Thirdly, put in a little extra effort while hiring staff for customer service. Focus on selecting a person who has professional experience in the field and is an empathetic, sociable and good correspondent.
  • Every single employee should be aware of the importance of their separate performance i.e. they should feel empowered so that they are able to take the most accurate decisions, putting in their best of efforts in serving the customer.
  • When the customers exceed a certain number, it becomes difficult to deal with them manually. So, latest technology and automated techniques should be used to manage the customer services. For example, providing a 24/7 online service for answering queries, booking orders etc.
  • To track down that whether you are doing right, one should continuously measure.There are many methods available to do so. One can use the Net Promoter Score, mystery shopping technique, number of complaints, average waiting time, and number of interactions required to solve an issue.


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